Security Vulnerability Assessment for Websites and Web Applications

Protecting your business through constant threat evaluation backed up with automatic penetration testing.

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Websites are hit with about 62 serious attack threats per day – up 69% from 2017 to 2018. How long will yours last?


What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessments involve reviewing your website and company servers for potential security problems. This data is then organized and ranked according to severity. The process allows cybersecurity professionals to identify and deal with threats before they do serious damage to your network.
Vulnerability assessments also prevent more obvious problems, like default and weak admin passwords and flimsy authentication and login methods.

vulnerability ALERTS
  • Inventory
  • Configuration
  • Analysis of Information Sources
  • Alert Generation
  • Vulnerability Monitoring

We perform an automatic discovery of your IT assets as well as audit your strengths and weaknesses.


You can choose and configure how deeply you want to scan your IT infrastructure or even classify by “type of assets”.

Analysis of Information Sources

We scan your data to check if you have any weak spots in your defense. With the latest technology at your side, you can worry less and do more.

Alert Generation

Once we identify your vulnerabilities, we label them by criticality and give you recommendations on how to mitigate them. You can also choose who receives the alerts based on job role.

Vulnerability Monitoring

We’ll continuously monitor your defenses and run threats through our data base. You’ll get alerts whenever our system discovers any new weaknesses in your cyber security.

persistent pentesting or
manual pentesting

persistent pentesting

When you choose persistent pentesting you know you’re getting a scalable solution that is implemented quickly to keep your business functioning as it should. This improved planning measure results in cost savings, faster adoption of new industry standards and quicker deployment of IT services.

  • Discovery by domain name
  • Automation of real attack techniques
  • Continuous action
  • Continuous updates

manual pentesting

Available on demand so you only pay for testing when you need it. Manually try to breach your defenses to see what we need to monitor and fix.

  • End-to-end tracking
  • Evaluation of the real level of security
  • Higher level of depth and intelligence
  • Dedicated team of security experts
  • Cost saving
The Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment
What are the Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment?

We get it – running a business is time consuming. That's why Prowl sets you up quickly and securely. We monitor threats and mitigate in real time so you save money and stay protected. If you have an IT professional, they will thank you.

• Keep Track of Device Issues – A vulnerability assessment tracking tool keeps an inventory of all devices in your system. This list also shows the security flaws in each device or platform, allowing you to plan replacements and updates properly.

• Be One Step Ahead of Attackers – Vulnerability assessment software shows you the probable flaws in your system. This allows you to remediate each flaw before attackers even get the chance to exploit them.

• Save on Costs –Cyber-attacks can cost businesses up to $200,000 in lost revenue, disruption in operations, data recovery, and more. Avoid this expensive problem with vulnerability assessments for your website, web applications, and IT hardware.

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