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  • Brand Reputation
  • Business Disruption
  • Online Fraud
Brand Reputation
Brand Reputation

Unauthorized Use of Brand Unauthorized companies may hurt your reputation by using your assets on social media, websites and other content platforms.

Suspicious Domains Similar web domains, whether they are cybersquatting or typosquatting, can put you at risk for phishing or malware attacks.

Offensive Conten Offensive publications and user opinions against your organization's products or brands that may pose a risk to your reputation.

Digital Identity Theft Fake profiles, data breaches and defamation are big risks executives are exposed to on a daily basis.

Business Disruption
Business Disruption

Data Exposure When sensitive or confidential information is stolen and posted online or public platforms, it can hurt the growth of your business.

Breach of Security Control Publications, tutorials or videos that reveal security flaws in your company's logical or physical assets.

CVEs and Security Bulletins Vulnerabilities with a CVSS equal or greater than 7 that can affect the systems, platforms and software used in your company.

Credential Theft Corporate emails and passwords get exposed online and even collected by bots. This information can be used to hack your accounts.

Hacktivism Announcements from hacktivist groups with the intention of attacking your company's network assets or publications stating that your company's assets have been violated.

Activism If aimed at your company, protests, petitions, and demonstrations can be very harmful to your business.

Online Fraud
Online Fraud

Phishing Websites that pretend to be the official sites of your organization in order to confuse your customers and steal confidential data.

Malware Malware samples that target or relate explicity to your company (urls, ip addresses, domain names or trademarks).

Carding Bank cards compromised due to infected pos and/or that are being offered from underground card buying / selling markets.

Suspicious Mobile Apps Unofficial mobile applications related to your company, with the objective of confusing users to obtain Sensitive data.